Four to One (2011) - For String Quartet

$ 115.00


For String Quartet

Composed for the Momenta Quartet

Program Note

Four to One is inspired by the blazing colors and raw intensity of an autumnal sunset in upstate New York. The opening texture of the work reflects this image of the setting sun – an intense, fiery core illuminated by a halo of light. At the outset of the work, the cello sounds a central, expressive line around which the other strings play, creating an halo of sound around the cello line. This texture develops over the course of the piece, the expressive line running throughout the work, passing between the different instruments, and moving in and out of focus from areas of density to those of clarity and unity. The work also explores various permutations of setting the four string voices in dialogue: four voices functioning as one larger voice, three voices competing in conflict against one, two voices against two, and solo voices emerging from four. “Four to One” is dedicated to the Momenta Quartet.


8 minutes 

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