Quartet for Oboe and Strings (2012) - For Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello

$ 115.00


For Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello

Commissioned by Winsor Music (Peggy Pearson, Artistic Director)

Program Note

I think of my Quartet for Oboe and Strings as a sort of theatrical play. I treat the oboe and string trio as characters in a drama, engaging them in a series of dialogues and conversations that follow an emotional arc and narrative trajectory. While I didn't have a specific story in mind writing this piece, my work follows a narrative in the abstract – the characters lead us on an emotional journey, one that leaves us someplace new by the end, with memories of the musical events and interactions that have transpired. One may think of the oboe as the main protagonist, its lines quickly shifting between seriousness, playfulness, humor, declamation, passion, consolation and more. At times the string trio works together in conversing with the oboe, but in other instances the violin, viola and cello each act as major characters in their own right, engaging in dialogue with the other instruments, or talking past them to the audience. All this said, I would recommend not worrying about catching every note "said" between our four players, but sitting back and letting them bring you along with them. Quartet for Oboe and Strings was commissioned by Winsor Music for oboist Peggy Pearson.


12 minutes 

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