One Voice (2008) - For Sinfonietta

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For Sinfonietta

Version I:  (1111/1111/2perc/hp/pno/str)

Version II:  (1111/1110/1perc/pno/11111)

Commissioned for the Indiana University New Music Ensemble as part of the Dean’s Prize in Composition from Indiana University


7 minutes 

Program Note

In my piece, the concept of one voice is central to the work, referring to one voice among many and many voices uniting as one. The work begins with a solo violin playing a single note, a note which then inspires the other instruments of the ensemble to join in one by one until the entire ensemble is clamoring with sound. A soaring melody then emerges which reappears throughout the work in various guises. At numerous places over the course of the work the entire ensemble converges at focal points, sounding as one voice at a unison pitch, and at others, the instruments each compete for prominence or work together to pass around winding melodic lines between the instrument families. "One Voice" was composed for the Indiana University New Music Ensemble.

Score Preview


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