Immeasurable (2016) - For Organ

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Immeasurable (2016)

for Organ

Commissioned by Mark Steinbach

World Premiere at Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris (July 2016)
U.S. Premiere at Brown University (October 2016)

Program Note:

“Immeasurable” for organ is part of a series of compositions that engages with old places and how they matter to us today. This work embraces organs, the large physical spaces they inhabit, and how the instrument’s own mechanics creates a sense of space and distance, and invites us to engage directly with the space that surrounds us as we listen and contemplate our own place its history. “Immeasurable” for organ was written for organist Mark Steinbach for premiere at Cathédrale Notre Dame (Paris) with subsequent performances on a concert tour on old organs throughout Europe, with a U.S. Premiere at Brown University. The work is dedicated to Paris and its people, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2015.

 – Eric Nathan

Score Preview

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