DUO (2013) - For Violin and Piano

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For Violin and Piano

Composed for, and dedicated to, Xiang Yu and Mei Rui

Program Note

In Duo, I think of the violin and piano as equal partners in a virtuosic dialogue. As one may find in the music of Robert Schumann, I have ascribed personalities to my musical characters. I think of the violin’s character as dreamy, melancholic, yearning, but also confident, and the piano’s as playful, mischievous and even witty at times. The two influence each other and adopt some of each other’s characteristics as the work progresses. In the middle of the piece, the piano begins a vigorous chase with the violin—dashing, evading, and finally catching them. Near the close, the mood turns more serious as the two characters switch their roles and live in each other’s world for a moment, before switching back, perhaps with a deepened understanding of one another.

Duo was composed for violinist Xiang Yu and pianist Mei Rui for their debut recital at the Louvre Museum in Paris.


6 minutes 

Score Preview 



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