Wing Over Wing (2009, rev. 2013) - For Flute/Alto Flute) and Soprano

$ 75.00


For Flute and Soprano

Composed for Alice Jones

Program Note

“Wing Over Wing” is a song cycle focused on a central theme of flight. The work reflects on different associations of the word, alluding not only to the physical movement of flying but also to flight as a journey through time.

“Wing Over Wing” is also a memorial piece, written for two family members nearing the end of their lives during the composition of the piece. The title refers to the imagery in the Whitman poem, the two eagles tumbling wing over wing to the water below, and also the last line of my poem which concludes the fourth movement of the song cycle - "Sleep and sing, sleep and sing – Sleep, sing, fly, sleep, sing, fly and soar!" - an image of rising wing over wing to the sky.

The original version of “Wing Over Wing” (for violin and soprano) was commissioned by the Society of Composers Inc. and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). 

Texts include:
“The Dalliance of the Eagles” by Walt Whitman

“Shuddering Leaves Silent” by Eric Nathan

“Eyes Tight, Tales Tucked” by Eric Nathan


12 minutes 

Score Preview:



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